Sunday, February 13, 2011

White Water Rafting @ My Gopeng Resort!

hai..hai... hai...!
im back babeyh...!
korang buat ape? da hapdate blog/blogs korang??
aQ nak hapdate la ni.. nak tau pe yang aQ nak share dengan korang??
sebelum tu.. aQ nak tanya.. korang tau ape itu RAFTING?? if korang g kat Google.. Dorang cakap.. Rafting tu ARUNG JERAM.. da dapat bayangkan tak??
pada yang da tahu to.. sila la scroll down.. pada yang tak tahu lg.. jom cekidaut ape itu rafting@arung Jeram..(Kelik)

ok.. now.. tbe-tbe rase mahu hapdate guna bhasa inggeris.. 
if ade yang silap.. tegor k.. dalam proses pembelajaran.. 

the journey start here..... 

After we punch out from office.. we straightly go to My Gopeng Resort. The drive is slow as you are required to drive into small single kampung roads fill with speed bumps. The leading there is also very curvy and many blind corners. We have to press the horn every time we turn the corner. but, sadly.. car's horn not response. before we arrive at MGR.. we decide to take Delicious LAKSA as our lunch. we change clothes and we sign the letter of agreement which is quite normal for any outdoor sports now.

salah picca plak..  

mase denga briefing.. tapi kitorang snap pix.. hehe.. staff kan..

After that, we were given a short briefing on how to wear the safety equipments and what to do on the boat during rafting.
Soon, we are on our way to the waters. The Kampar River is just located less than 500m from the resort.Our first lesson is to learn how to do body rafting. This is to provide us confidence in the water and know what to do it we were to fall into the water. The instructor will drop us a rope to save us once we are clear off the rapids. Once done, the real action in the water starts. The instructor will guide us on when to pedal forward or backward or hold on. The important one is “Bom Bom” that is when you should hold on tight and bends inside raft. one more Instruction is "jump jump" that is when you should jump on the boat to make the boat move when stuck at rock...

double Decker part.. Bom Bom!!

The water course is level 3. There are around 8 rapids that we will face. There is 1 huge rapid which is called the “Double Decker”. The instructor gave us an option on this one but after thinking for a while. We thought what the heck and let’s go for the “Double Decker”. This rapid is consisting of 2 plunges and the last one will end up under the water.
There is a 10 minutes break in between the course. Lucky my friend bought her camera to capture such a precious moment in camera. We are given permission to take river bath!! After the short break, it is another few more rapids to enjoy. Before end point, we were given a chance to do a body massage rafting down the rapid. We aligned in a straight line by holding on to each other’s life jacket.

rest tyme.. mandi manda!!

Our journey back is via a lorry.After my first experience here, I am keen on more White Water Rafting. Is anyone want to join me? i bet you will find satisfaction and fantastic experience!

naek lorry balik resOrt.. best! 3rd experience... 

Here is the map, website, and gps coordinate to the My Gopeng Resort @ Gopeng.

actually im is practical student at MGR.. huuuhu.. so, any info or booking plez contact me! 

gamba-gamba ktorang kat my fren.. so, later i will upload our photo ok??!

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  1. salam..
    i really interested with rafting activity.. never done before..
    how about the price? is it affordable?
    how many hours dat it takes for rafting?
    if we want to stay there, how much is the rate of the resort?